Section 1: Advising at Rutgers

Rutgers is unique in many ways. These differences can be seen through our mission statement, philosophy, and our expectations for our Advisors. 

1. RHA Philosophy
2. Res life expectations
3. Res life Responsibilities
4. Semester Planning Form

Section 2: Advising Your Hall Government

An advisor and their Hall Government is a unique relationship. The roles an advisor plays and the way they should set their foundation is presented in this section.

1. Hall/Apartment Government 2012 Recruitment Timeline
2. Advisor Involvement
3. 9 Tips for Relationships that work
4. Making a Successful Relationship
5. 5 Phases of Student Leadership Training
6. Leadership Styles
7. Strategies for developing your Executive Office
8. Retreats 

Section 3: Goals and Meetings

Planning meetings and setting goals is a crucial part of advising a Hall Government. These tips can help you set the crucial foundation.

1. Questions to think about
2. Communicate…..What?
3. Setting Goals
4. Goal Setting
5. Guidelines for Goals
6. Hall Executive Board Goals
7. One on One questions 

Section 4: Advice for Advisors

Advisor also means being able to give helpful advice to your students. Sometimes you wonder who can give you advice. Here is a helpful link on tips and tricks for advisors.

1. Advice for Advisors
       a. Chapter 1
       b. Chapter 2
       c. Responsibilities of an Advisor Survey
2. Discovering your Advising Style
3. Hints to being a great Advisor
4. Advisors Do’s and Don’ts
5. Role an Advisor Plays

Section 5: Why you Advise

Sometimes you may wonder why? Here are a few helpful pages to remind you why you do the amazing things you do!

1. What Advising will do for you Professionally
2. Benefits of Advising
3. Purpose of an Advisor
4. Advisors Self-evaluation

Section 6: Motivation and Working with a Team

Sometimes it can be hard to motivate others and working with a team may be difficult when you have a group of different types of leaders. Here are a few guides on how to successfully bring a team together and motivate them to have a great year!

1. Ten Commandments of Motivation
2. Motivating Others
3. Motivation Styles
4. Handling Negative Behavior
5. 20 Tips for Advisors
6. Team Assesment 
      a. Individual scores 
      b. Advisor Compliation Score