Bus stop in front of the Sojourner Truth Apartments at The Yard

Intern Housing

Many organizations contribute to the community by offering summer internships to college students. We understand the importance of these internships, which provide a unique and valuable opportunity to “learn while doing”. Living in an academic environment can further enhance the impact of this learning experience. The university –surrounded by countless progressive, technical, pharmaceutical and service industries –is an ideal provider of this special service.

If you have a group of interns you would like to accommodate at Rutgers, please have an appointed representative from your organization contact us no later than March 1st. Available space is limited, so the earlier you secure your reservation, the better your chance of accommodating all of your interns. Housing arrangements must be contracted by the organization, not the interns themselves. In order to be housed at Rutgers, all interns must be students over the age of 18, and enrolled at a recognized college or university.


The Sojourner Truth Apartments on the College Avenue Campus are the ideal summer residence for your interns. Each air-cooled apartment is fully furnished and has up to four single-occupancy bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. It is also just a short walk from the New Brunswick train station. On-site staffing is provided by Rutgers Residence Life to provide support throughout your interns’ stay.

Main courtyard of "The Yard", a new residence hall and store complex on College Avenue.

Note to Interns

Arrangements for lodging are not made directly with individual interns. Please speak with your internship coordinator to determine whether your organization participates. If not, please encourage your representative to visit our site for more information about the benefits we can provide by housing their summer interns.

If your organization already has a contract for intern housing at Rutgers, we look forward to your arrival. A “welcome letter” from Rutgers Conference Services will be provided to your internship coordinator for distribution to all residents. Please keep this letter as it contains valuable information which you will require throughout your summer residency.  Upon arrival, be prepared to present a valid school identification or other proof of student status.