Ayanna Winters - CSA '16

Residence Life Coordinator, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

What was your favorite part about working in Rutgers Residence Life?
“My favorite part about working with Rutgers Residence Life is the diversity of Student Affairs professionals’ backgrounds, personalities and passions. Everyone brings something different to the table and it provides the opportunity to learn new ways of interacting with students and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

What other opportunities did you partake in while working at Rutgers?
“At Rutgers, I worked on the training and development committee for undergraduate residence life training. I also served as a course instructor for a Students in Transition Seminar. I also interned at the Health, Outreach, Promotion and Education (H.O.P.E.) Office through Student Health Services.”

How did Rutgers Residence Life and the College of Student Affairs program best prepare you for your current position?
“The College Student Affairs program, best prepared me because it provided me with a foundation of understanding for student development and educated me on best practices to utilize when working with students, student leaders, and other student affairs professionals. While in residence life, I was given the opportunities to explore different realms of the department from training and personnel, to assignments, to advising student leaders. Residence Life gave me the necessary skills to do my job as a supervisor and as an advisor.”

Any words of advice or wisdom?
“My advice is to take the time to explore the many functional areas within Student Affairs. This will help you to get an understanding of how the areas operate and play an instrumental role in student development. Also, it will help you to see if that area might be a place where you can see yourself.”