Residence Life can provide reasonable special housing accommodations for students with specific medical and psychiatric conditions. Students requesting this type of housing will need to provide medical documentation in order to be accommodated. Examples of accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to air-cooled and/or non-carpeted spaces
  • Access to kitchen amenities
  • 1st floor assignments or access to elevators
  • Reduced-access bathrooms
  • Modifications to traditional rooms and apartment spaces

Continuing students should contact Residence Life as soon as they are aware of a need for special housing accommodations. The Special Housing Accommodations Process for continuing students occurs in the fall semester each year for the following academic year, and all students who have shown a documented need for accommodations will be invited to participate in this process. Continuing students providing documentation after this process has been completed will need to participate in the general housing lottery in the spring semester and Residence Life will work to find spaces that reasonably accommodate those students after the general lottery process has been completed if necessary.

Incoming first-year and transfer students should contact Residence Life promptly after their admission if they are in need of special housing accommodations. Please note that all incoming first-year and transfer students must still complete their respective regular housing applications.

Students requesting special housing accommodations should visit for more information on the process.

Students with special housing accommodations requests or questions should contact Catrina Gallo, Coordinator for Student Support in Residence Life, at 848-932-4371 orĀ