Adam Carlson

Student Conduct Coordinator/Summer Conferences Coordinator

Josephine Chan

Assignments Coordinator

Judeline DSouza

Application Developer

Lisa Ferguson

Assignments Coordinator

Catrina Gallo

Coordinator for Student Support

Karen Gillen

Coordinator for Student Leadership and Programming

Ryan Kassis

Assignments Coordinator

Michele Lam-Fortes

Coordinator for Marketing and Communications

Janet Jun Siew Loh

Coordinator for International Programs and Outreach

Alisa Maron

Conference Coordinator

Jodi Sandler-Ogen

Coordinator for Training and Personnel

Donna Wallace

Business Coordinator

Avery Arrington

Residence Life Coordinator for Barr, Allen, Metzger, and Mattia Halls

Curtis Chan

Residence Life Coordinator for Clothier and Campbell, Interim for Stonier Hall

Brian J. Cousin

Residence Life Coordinator for New Gibbons and Old Gibbons, Interim for Lippincott and Nicholas Halls

Kenneth Crisman

Residence Life Coordinator for Crosby, Morrow, Thomas, Judson, McCormick, and Winkler