Alexandra Cupello Waters

Campus Director

Brian J. Cousin

Residence Life Coordinator for New Gibbons and Old Gibbons, Interim for Lippincott and Nicholas Halls

John Leciejewski

Residence Life Coordinator for Newell, Starkey, Helyar House, Interim for Perry and Vorhees Halls

Ayanna Winters

Interim Residence Life Coordinator for Jameson, Katzenbach, Woodbury Bunting-Cobb

Jorge Almonte-Florimon

Hall Director for Lippincott Hall

Elaina Boncich

Hall Director for Newell and Starkey Apartments

Pia Colon

Hall Director for Henderson Apartments

Joseph Ebbinger

Hall Director for Perry Hall

Abby Christina Hellauer

Hall Director for Katzenbach Hall

Kerri Johnsen

Hall Director for Nicholas Hall

Neha Khan

Residence Counselor for Helyar House

Kristen Leigh Klein

Hall Director for Woodbury Bunting-Cobb Hall

Nicholas Mangal

Hall Director for Voorhees Hall

Joe McQuoid

Hall Director for Newell and Starkey Apartments

Allie Triglianos

Hall Director for Jameson Hall

Soloman, Dawn
Dawn Salomon

Unit Coordinator