Emily Scharen

Residence Life Coordinator for Livingston Apartments

Ayanna Winters-Devonish

Residence Life Coordinator for Clothier and Campbell

Matthew Brown

Residence Life Coordinator for Hegeman, Pell, Leupp, Wessels, Demarest, and Stonier Halls

Jeremy Elleman

Residence Life Coordinator for Honors College

Danielle Arrieta

Residence Life Coordinator for Frelinghuysen and Hardenbergh Hall

Amber Borrero

Graduate Intern for Student Leadership and Programming

April Keane

Graduate Intern for Staff Selection and Training

Elizabeth Pastor

Graduate Intern for International Student Outreach and Diversity Initiatives

Casey Veit

Graduate Intern for Living-learning Communities and Academic Initiatives

Leeanna Singleton

Hall Director for Livingston Apartments Building A

Lauren Feldman

Hall Director for Livingston Apartments Building C

Lindsey Ipson

Hall Director for Hardenbergh Hall

Suhiedy Reyes

Hall Director for Perry and Voorhees Halls

Jay Bosworth

Hall Director for Lippincott Hall

Tim Black

Hall Director for Newell, Starkey Apartments

Angela Calasso

Hall Director for Helyar House