Nicole Garafola

Hall Director for Livingston Apartments

Ayanna Winters

Residence Life Coordinator for Clothier and Campbell

Matthew Brown

Residence Life Coordinator for Demarest and Stonier Halls

Kaicherise McRae

Residence Life Coordinator for Honors College

Sarah Angermeyer

Hall Director for Hardenbergh Hall

Maria Siddiqui

Hall Director for Jameson Hall

Kevin Castiglioni

Hall Director for Newell and Starkey Apartments

Jay Newman

Hall Director for Katzenbach Hall

Jim Sabatini

Hall Director for Stonier Hall

Maggie Muller

Hall Director for Campbell Hall

Danielle St. Vincent

Residence Life Coordinator for Frelinghuysen Hall

Ian Christopher Ulep

Hall Director for B.E.S.T. Hall

Cathy Breck

Secretarial Assistant

Joan D’Orvilliers

Administrative Assistant

Hope Dicapua

Secretarial Assistant to Residence Life for Student Support

Patricia Kearns

Secretarial Assistant