Rachael Padula

Assistant Director for Training and Personnel

Adam Carlson

Student Conduct Coordinator

Avery Arrington

Student Conduct Coordinator

Dylan Sorkin

Residential and Academic Integrity Conduct Coordinator

Judeline DSouza

Application Developer

Lisa Ferguson

Assignments Coordinator

Meurcie Zignoli

Residential Care Coordinator

Kimberly Kosinski

Residential Care Coordinator for Accommodations and Special Populations

Karen Gillen

Coordinator for Student Leadership and Programming

Emily DeMaio

Assignments Coordinator

Ryan Kassis

Assignments Coordinator

Darnell Thompson

Diversity Education & Outreach Coordinator

Martin Petrella

Coordinator for Training & Staff Development

Janet Jun Siew Loh

Coordinator for International Programs and Outreach

Alisa Maron

Conference Coordinator

Jodi Sandler-Ogen

Coordinator for Recruitment and Selection