Kyle Bianchini

Assistant Director of Training and Development

Dr. Anne Newman

Interim Executive Director

Michael Tolbert

Senior Director of Residence Life

Kevin Killen

Associate Director for Administration and Operations

Ryan Kassis

Associate Director of Assignments

Nate Johnson

Interim Director of Residence Life

Alexandra Cupello Waters

Campus Director for College Avenue Campus

Jacqueline Erel

Assistant Director for Conference Services

Ariel Leget, Ed.D.

Associate Director, Residence Education

Silvia Milla

Business Manager

Rachael Padula

Associate Director for Staff Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development

Antoinette Murray

Assistant Director for Student Conduct

Kimberly Kosinski

Assistant Director of Student Support

Heidi Nicklaus

Interim Campus Director for Cook/Douglass Campus

Rosemary Genao

Campus Director for Livingston

John Newhouse, M.A.

Campus Director for Busch