Nate Johnson

Campus Director for Cook/Douglass

Curtis Chan

Residence Life Coordinator for Nicholas, Lippincott, Perry, Voorhees

John Leciejewski

Residence Life Coordinator for Newell, Starkey, Helyar House, New Gibbons, and Old Gibbons

Heidi Nicklaus

Residence Life Coordinator for Henderson, Katzenbach, Woodbury Bunting-Cobb, Jameson

Kevin Castiglioni

Hall Director for Perry and Voorhees Halls

Jay Newman

Hall Director for Lippincott Hall

Tim Black

Hall Director for Newell, Starkey Apartments

Angela Calasso

Hall Director for Helyar House

Rebecca Cole

Hall Director for Nicholas Hall

Vanessa Danek

Hall Director for Henderson Apartments

Harlie Pietrangelo

Hall Director for Katzenbach Hall

Brian Pirapakaran

Hall Director for Newell, Starkey Apartments

Aislinn Strohecker

Hall Director for Jameson Hall

Valerie Pierre-Canel

Hall Director for Woodbury Bunting-Cobb Hall

Soloman, Dawn
Dawn Salomon

Unit Coordinator

Ayesha Wilson

Secretarial Assistant