Heidi Nicklaus

Interim Campus Director for Cook/Douglass Campus

Kiana Smiling

Residence Life Coordinator

Emily Zarych

Residence Life Coordinator for Cook/Douglass, Henderson Apartments, Jameson, and Woodbury Bunting-Cobb

Samantha Contrini

Residence Life Coordinator- Nicholas, Lippincott, Perry and Voorhees Halls

Julian Carter

Hall Director- Nicholas Hall

Miranda Wheeler

Hall Director for Cook Apartments

Annie Moten

Hall Director for Helyar House

Mudia Ogbevire

Hall Director for Henderson Apartments

Danilsa Lendof

Hall Director for Lippincott Hall

Alexandra Jacko

Hall Director for Jameson Hall

Jamira Riddick

Unit Coordinator

Ayesha Wilson

Secretarial Assistant