Alexandra Cupello Waters

Campus Director for College Avenue Campus

Greg Dyer
Greg Dyer

Residence Life Coordinator

Maria Rivero

Residence Life Coordinator for Clothier, Demarest, Stonier and Bishop Quad

Zack Mroz
Zack Mroz, M.S.

Residence Life Coordinator

Tavani Lawrence
Tavani Lawrence

Residence Life Coordinator

Shawn Lawson Jr.

Residence Life Coordinator- Honors College

Okia Dixon

Hall Director- Mettler Hall

Samantha Hernandez

Hall Director- Stonier and Demarest

Conor Wall

Hall Director- University Center

Raquia Belle-Durant

Hall Director- Clothier Hall

Su Still

Hall Director- Brett/Tinsley

Adam Fogarty

Hall Director- Frelinghuysen

Rebecca McCarthy

Hall Director for Cook Apartments

Layla Taqi

Hall Director for Bishop Quad (Hegeman, Leupp, Pell and Wessels)

Soloman, Dawn
Dawn Salomon

Unit Coordinator

Donna Olbrys

Secretarial Assistant