Karima Woodyard

Campus Director for Busch

Misty Denham-Barrett

Residence Life Coordinator for B.E.S.T. Hall

Nailah Brown

Residence Life Coordinator for Nichols, Johnson, and Richardson Apartments

Courtland L. James

Residence Life Coordinator for Barr, Allen, Metzger, and Mattia Halls

Danielle M. Sabina

Residence Life Coordinator for Buell, Marvin, Silvers

Nathan Guarino

Hall Director for Metzger and Allen Halls

Emma Kaahaaina

Hall Director for Barr Hall

Frankie Lewis

Hall Director for Mattia Hall

Joshua Phillips

Hall Director for Thomas, Crosby, Judson and Morrow Suites

Danielle St. Vincent

Hall Director for McCormick and Winkler Suites

Ian Christopher Ulep

Hall Director for B.E.S.T. Hall

Patricia Kearns

Secretarial Assistant

Linda Rachinsky

Administrative Assistant

Donna Smith

Unit Coordinator